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Listing is for one Selenite bracelet. The name “Selenite” comes from the Greek goddess Selene, the Goddess of the Moon. AKA: Satin Spar or Desert Rose. Selenite is a crystalized form of gypsum, translucent and multifaceted stone. Many believe that Selenite is a powerful healer with lots of benefits.

Some of the healing benefits are:

  • Promotes calm and peace
  • Clears blocked energy/chakras
  • Provides overall clarity
  • Helps with intuition
  • Promotes connection and good relationship with others
  • Enhances the power of manifestation

Selenite can also be used to clear the aura from negativity or stuck energy. They are used a lot to cleanse other crystals by placing them in a selenite bowl or on top of a flat Selenite slab for 24 hours.  


Size: fits small -medium 6.5"-8.0" wrist, 10mm is quadrupled stranded and 8mm is triple stranded, stretchable and handmade by our vendors.

* Please note: information provided here are spiritual supports to healing and cannot substitute professional care.

* Natural rocks, gems, and crystals all will be different or have imperfections. This is what makes them unique and beautiful in a natural state

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