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Welcome to Soulo Crystals, a female-owned and operated online crystal boutique in Arlington, VA.

A little about Soulo Crystals! My name is Kavon, but most call me Kaé for short and I am the artist and crystal enthusiast behind Soulo Crystals. I took a leap of faith February 2022 and jumped head-first after my dream of owning my very own business. I am a one woman shop but from time to time my family helps out. I sell jewelry, gemstones, crystals, beauty tools and meditation products. 

I have two daughters, 19 and 16 and 1 fur-baby, lil Ms. JellyBean our Jack Russell. Soulo Cyrstals is my side hustle as I still work full-time as a LMS E-Learning Manager for a non-profit company in Geriatric Pharmacy Education.

Owning my very own business is something I have always dreamed about but had no idea what type of business it was going to be, until my love and curiosity for crystals tremendously grew over the past 4 years due to my spiritual health journey.

About two years ago, my health shifted drastically. I went from living a normal fitness filled and healthy lifestyle to being bed ridden and home bound. I've always been a very active person my whole life. I took parts in Zumba, specialized high-intensity dance groups, weightlifting, Pilates, Yoga to even competing in my very first women's fitness competition. I was living a completely active and balanced lifestyle until, 2020. Everything came to a complete stop. May of 2020, out of no where I experienced my first Vestibular Migraine Episode while cleaning up in the front yard after my daughter's 17th drive-by birthday celebration.

VME (Vestibular Migraine Episode) is a nervous system problem that causes repeated dizziness (or vertigo) attacks in people. During the VME, it can disturb the equilibrium which can cause vestibular or balance symptoms as well, which was the case with my condition. Because this condition isn't fully understood, I visited many different specialists to find answers. The condition became so debilitating and life changing, I fell into a deep depression. I went through periods where I had to have someone to accompany me while driving due to the unpredictability of potential episodes (aka sudden attacks), it affected me emotionally and mentally. With that, it caused a ripple effect within my body which generated other health issues. The condition caused me to gain weight and led me into a deep dark depression. 

I spent two years trying to find answers, bouncing from doctors to specialists and to only be disappointed with an undiagnosed health mystery. I went into a healing crisis and started my very own spiritual journey and path to heal in order to understand what I was going through. After exhausting all my options through professional care and science, I turned to the power of the universe and the healing metaphysical properties of mother earth’s creations by working with CRYSTALS, GEM, MINERALS and STONES for answers and relief. Integrating these into my daily/weekly meditation, yoga, and sound bath sessions has made a huge impact. I lost 60% of my hearing in the left ear and still have repeated aura like migraines from time to time, however, since my journey I have not had an episode in over a year. (knock on wood). 

Through my very own self-healing practice and spiritual journey, collecting, learning and using crystals- is now an important part of my life. Soulo Crystals is an inclusive and loving space and seek to bring our message of healing and hope into the world with each and every crystal within our shop. Soulo Crystals is here to help you find your crystals, gems, stones, and jewelry that is meant for you. Whether you are buying for your own healing journey or just want that special piece in your home, I am here to help.

Each crystal is energetically cleansed before making its way to you to remove any negative energy it may hold and carefully packed with love and care. I am so happy and excited to share my love and knowledge with you all through the collections here at Soulo Crystals.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Follow us on instagram at:  Soulo_Crystals