(PIXIU aka: Pi Yao, mythical animal from Chinese culture)

Things to note when wearing a Pixiu bracelet.

1: Should I wear it on my left or right hand?

  • It is best worn on the left hand. If you wear it on the left side, you’re attracting good luck and wealth. If worn on the right hand, it’s believed to give away your wealth to others.

2: Who should wear a Pixiu bracelet?

  • Anyone over 70 or under 16 should not wear Pixiu bracelet because the strong energy from this strong and fierce creature might be too much. It is also believed that pregnant women shouldn’t wear it.

3: Should I face the Pixiu head inward or outward?

  • The head should be facing outward towards your pinky finger on the left hand as it symbolizes receiving and bringing in luck and wealth. Do not wear it facing you.

4: Location and storage of your Pixiu bracelet?

  • When not wearing it, place it in the living room with the head facing the main door to attract money and wealth. Do not place it in your bedroom.

5: How should I work with my Pixiu bracelet?

  • Always treat your Pixiu bracelet with respect. Regularly touch the Pixiu while wearing it to harness its energy connect with it and let it know you are its owner. Try not to let others play or touch your Pixiu. Just wash with water if someone else touch it, that should cleanse your Pixiu.

6: How to pick the right Pixiu bracelet?

  • There are so many different types of Pixiu bracelets out there, example: gold, jade, onyx, etc.. it will be a good idea to know your lacking element in your birth chart/life and use the appropriate one to harness the balance or ones that speaks to you.