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Soulo Crystals



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Mesmerizing Blue Goldstone hearts with beautiful flashy sparkles! 

Blue Goldstone is not actually a natural stone, but rather glass. It is made by creating glass with Quartz sand, then heated, melted, and then infused with other particles such as feldspar, cobalt, copper, manganese, or chromium to give them their beautiful color.

Metaphysically, Blue Goldstone aids in manifestation of intentions & calms the senses. It’s been known to help if you meditate with it before giving a speech, presentation or starting a new project. 


This listing is for one (1) carved blue goldstone heart. 
Size: roughly 1.25”  

* Please note: information provided here are spiritual supports to healing and cannot substitute professional care.

* Natural rocks, gems, and crystals all will be different or have imperfections. This is what makes them unique and beautiful in a natural state


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